HighSchool Art Room: instruction and providing choice to students

About Me


Hi! I'm Emily McEneely, art educator and advocate for the arts in everyone's life! My own artistic journey began, of course, as a child.  Art was always my favorite activity although I wasn't necessarily big on traditional skills.  I just liked to make stuff!

That love for "making" led me to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.  So in the end, I learned plenty of traditional skills! I then pursued opportunities in art education including teaching various grade levels in YMCA afterschool programs and summer camps.

About a year later I took a position in a public elementary school cementing my passion for art education.  I took education courses through New Jersey City University and have learned an incredible amount from my colleagues and art teacher friends over the years.  I've been thrilled with how the advancement of technology in my decade of teaching has improved the sharing capability among educators.

I've been inspired countless times by the internet based art teacher community and find myself eager to give back.  Whether it's with another teacher in my school(s) or an idea shared between art teachers, I am excited by collaboration. The end goal always being to create vibrant, engaging lessons that spark the creative fire in my students!

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I hope we can connect further- you can reach me on IG @emily_art_teacher_smile or by email: emily.mceneely@gmail.com